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Build 2hand Magnus Celestia Luna

Build / Guide 2hand magnus in celestia luna.

Path: Warrior>Infantryman>Knight>Magnus
Weapon: I strongly Suggest that you use 2hand Axe for higher crit damage and crit rate
Basic Skill Combo: Rune Impact>Burning Crash>Sonic Boom>Earthquake

Note: For you to be able to level up faster, equip yourself with 1hand weapon from level 1 to level 104 then use reskill when you reach level 105. Its not advisable to use 2hand weapons right from the start because in this path, you can only get the burning crash and earthquake skill once you reach level 105.

From Warrior>Infantryman>Knight path, use the class skills that I posted on my 1hand guide. Once you reach 105 use reskill and these are the skills that you have learn:

Attack Skills:
Rune Impact: max
Burning Crash: max
Sonic Boom: 21/25
Earthquake: 19/25 (Never ever upgrade this more than level 19 because this skill will be bugged.)
Sword Storm: 10/20
Wheel Wind: 5/5
Attract: 1/15
Attract Circle: 10/15
Rune Cry: 5/20

Rampage Aura: max
Shield Aura: max
Accuracy Aura: max
Protection Aura: 1/1
Nature's Mind: 3/3
Nature's Shield: max
Blessing Guard: max
Solid Weapon: 2/2
Armor Synchro: 1/1
Weapon Synchro1/1:
Fighter's Heart: max
Warrior Form: max
Divine Justice: 1/1

Two Handed Training: max
Sword/Mace/Axe Training: max
Sword Rapidity/Axe Mortality/Mace Protection: max
Magic Barrier: max
Enhance HP: max
Risk Taker: max
Troopership: max
Heavy Weapon Accuracy: max
Heavy Armor Expertise: max
Blood Leak: max
source : http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php/topic/561-fighter-magnus-guide-1hand-2hand-dual-wield-int-type/

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