Daftar Skill Pet Luna Online

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TTitle : Daftar Skill Pet Luna Online
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Daftar Skill Pet Luna Online

Dibawah ini adalah daftar skill pet yang ada di luna online. Kalian bisa membeli skill skill tersebut di NPC Serie di Nera Castle atau NPC Farouk di Alker Harbour.
  • Burning Crash (lv1 219 power, lv2 230 power)
  • Strike Attack (lv1 114 power + 53x3 poison, lv2 128 power + 56x3 poison)
  • Earthwave (lv1 312 power, lv2 318 power / -Move speed)
  • Rune Impact (lv1 306 power, lv2 311 power / Stun)
  • Sword Storm (lv1 138 power, lv2 143 power / AOE)
  • Blazing Body (lv1 30 power + 21x8 burn, lv2 35 power + 28x8 burn / AOE)
  • Fire Ball (lv1 127 power, lv2 146 power)
  • Wind Strike (lv1 132 power, lv2 144 power)
  • Holy Upper (lv1 238 power, lv2 251 power)
  • Chill Breeze (lv1 86 power, lv2 96 power / Sleep)
  • Lightning Stun (lv1 195 power, lv2 209 power / Stun)
  • Blizzard (lv1 134 power, lv2 142 power / AOE Sleep)
  • Meteor (lv1 301 power, lv2 315 power / AOE)
  • Heal (lv1 36 power, lv2 66 power)
  • Great Heal (682 power)
  • Might (+3% Phy. Attack)
  • Shield (+2.7% Phy. Defense)
  • Fighter Heart (+3 STR)
  • Zephyr (+3 DEX)
  • Bless Wind (+3.3% Move speed)
  • Intelligent (+3 INT)
  • Wisdom (+3 WIS)
  • Attract Circle (lv1 5193 Hate, lv2 5448 Hate / AOE)
  • Shield Barrier (lv1 +275% Phy.Def +315% Mag.Def, lv2 +300% Phy.Def +330 Mag.Def)

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