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Monster Drop List - HOWLING CAVE Luna Plus

Monster Drop List - HOWLING CAVE  Luna Plus


Cave Basalisk; Health: 4216 - lvl 63
Drops: ruby piece, animal leather piece, Cross Belt Leather Boots, Cross Belt Leather Gloves, Steel Bow, Monster of the integers - Lv 80

; Health: 4307 - lvl 64
Drops: enchant scroll: weapon 40-79, mind stone piece, mithril ore, dragon scale leather, Lion's Ogre's Claw, Monkey's Cross Belt Suit, Coyote's Cross Belt Leather Gloves, Monster of the integers - Lv 80

Troll Sentry ; Health: 4559 - lvl 65
Drops: high physical strength HP potion, wind crystal piece, mithril ore, Damned One's Shoes, Giant Ax, Bull's Cross Belt Suit, Elephant's Giant Ax, Crocodile's Giant Ax, Storm Eye, Monster of the integers - Lv 80

Troll Warrior
; Health: 4731 - lvl 67
Drops: perium ore, emerald piece, wool piece, moonlight crystal, Damned One's Gloves, Berserker's Mace, Coyote's Moonlight Leather Gloves, Fox's Berserker's Mace, Elephant's Berserker's Mace, Bow of the Griffon's Wing, Harmel

Blue Wing Eyebat
; Health: 3033 - lvl 61
Drops: sapphire, fairy's feather, Mithril Bow, Mithril Dagger, Pure Gloves, Pure Boots, Pure Robe, Crocodile's Mithril Dagger, Monster of the integers - Lv 60

; Health: 7742 - lvl 66
Drops: enchant scroll: armor 40-79, emerald piece, silk cloth, fairy feather piece, Tiger's Storm Hammer, Soul Guard Plate, Soul Guard Gauntlets, seed[Lv 3]: fierce flower of the beast, Crocodile's Storm Hammer, Fox's Storm Hammer, Lion's Soul of the Warrior, Monster of the integers - Lv 80

Ogre Warrior
; Health: 7971 - lvl 68
Drops: fairy feather piece, ruby piece, mithril ore, copper ingot, Tiger's Berserker, ogre Hero's Gauntlets, Lion's crack devider, Soul Guard Plate, Tiger's Bloody Blade, Wiesel

Ogre Butcher
; Health: 8608 - lvl 70
Drops: perium ore, Orichalcum piece, odd powder, Lion's crack devider, Butcher's Leather Long Boots, Butcher's Leather Armor, Leather Armor Stained with Blood, The Beast of the Lion, Kadesh Gauntlets, Monster of the integers - Lv 80


; Health: 15782 - Lvl 64 (Troll Shaman Boss)
Drops: emerald piece, Harmel, lighting strike crystal piece, Magician's Warrant , Crow's Chaos Staff , Black Mithril Knife, Steel Bow, Chaos Staff, Lion's Black Mithril Knife , Tiger's Iron Arc


---There are many repeat monsters from F1 here. Ones that are not repeats:

Wild Cave Eyebat, Health: 4054 - lvl 61
Drops: emerald, animal leather piece, fairy's feather, Ornamental Philosopher's Feather, Elemental Bow, Flamelist's Robe, Parrot's Cross Belt Suit, Berserker's Mace, Monster of the integers - Lv 80

Troll Shaman; Health: 5348 - Lvl 72
Drops: fairy feather piece, argentum, magic powder, Damned One's Robe, Flame Staff, Ornamental Philosopher's Gloves, Coyote's Flame Staff , Deer's Flame Staff , Master Grant, Accesswell

Deep Cave Basilisk; Health: 5439 - Lvl 73
Drops: dragon scale leather piece, opal piece, animal leather piece, Flame Staff, Kadesh Armor, Kadesh Gauntlets, Master Breaker, Monster of the integers - Lv 80

Troll Guard; Health: 5520 - Lvl 74
Drops: perium ore, Litheon, copper ore, dragon bone piece, Troll Hero's Armor, Grim Reaper's Scythe, Leather Shoes Stained with Blood , Soul of the Warrior, Ornamental Philosopher's Shoes, Master's Blade, Wiesel

Oge Guard; Health: 9725 - Lvl 76
Drops: dragon scale leather piece, Litheon piece, sapphire piece, cotton piece, Elephant's Master Grinder , Butcher's Leather Gloves, Leather Gloves Stained with Blood, Mask Stained with Blood , Whale's Master Knife, Pheonix Boots, Harmel

Ogre Shaman; Health: 9955 - Lvl 78
Drops: fairy feather piece, moonstone piece, silk piece, wool piece, Coyote's Master Grant , Source of the Ancient Magical Power , AncientMagical Power Gloves , Monkey's Chaos Staff , Tunic of the Colchis, Crow's Master Grant, Accesswell


Laito; Health: 15382 - Lvl 62
Drops: opal piece, Accesswell, wind crystal piece, Song of the Warrior , Whale's Storm Hammer , Sword of the Gladiator, Giant Ax, Storm Hammer, Tiger's Gladiator's Blade , Lion's Giant Ax

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