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Monster Drop List - Ghost Tree Swamp Luna Plus

Ghost Tree Swamp - Luna Online

Black Poison Basilisk; Health:1824 - Lvl 55
Opal, Animal Leather Piece, Strong Leather Pattern: Armor, Fox's Mithril Leather Glove, Parrot's Strengthened Mithril Leather Boots, Fox's Shadow Leather Glove, Coyote's Cross Belt Leather Boots, Crocodile's Great Sword, Crocodile's Mithril Battle Hammer, Whale's Hammer Of The Judgement, Mithril Leather Boots

Swamp Catcher; Health: 1890 - Lvl 56
Orichalcum, Odd Powder, Tear Of The Spirit, Coyote's Strengthend Mithril Leather Glove, Coyote's Pure Glove, Deer's Pure Glove, Deer's Unicorn Horn, Shining Pearl Shield

Ghoul; Health: 1959 - Lvl 57
Enchant Scroll: Weapon 40-79, Manastone, Odd Powder, Silk Piece, Strengthend Mithril Leather Armor, Coyote's Shadow Leather Armor, Fox's Cross Belt Suit, Fox's Assassin Knife, Cat's Unicorn Horn, Crocodile's Mithril Dagger, Elephant's Mithril Sword, Fox's Elemental Bow

Tropical Toadstool; Health: 3640 - Lvl 58
Ruby, Animal Leather Piece, Thin Leather, Coyote’s Shadow Leather Long Boots, Bear’s Cross Belt Leather Boots, Crocodile’s Mithril Battle Axe, Lion’s Great Berserker

Rotten Ghoul; Health: 2092 - Lvl 59
Sapphire, Odd Powder, Moonlight Crystal, Compound Mithril Glove, Pure Boots, Flamelist's Glove, Crocodile's Wind Screamer, Lion's Black Mithril Knife, Bear's Mithril Dagger, Tiger's Stiletto

Damned Ghoul; Health: 2203- Lvl 60
Emerald,Odd Powder,Tear Of The Spirit, Silver Mithril Gauntlet Combat Boots, Royal Guard Gauntlet, Fox's Mithril Ax, Bear's Ogre's Claw, Tiger's The Berserker, Corrupted Saint Knight's Mace, Lion's War Peak

Tarantula Brood; Health: 1721 - Lv 60
Aquamarine, Strengthened Thread, Fairy’s Five Colored Skein of Thread, Moonlight Skein of Thread, Glory of the Knight, Tiger’s Scout Bow

Marsh Carnivore; Health: 4054 - Lv 61
Opal, Animal Leather Piece, Bear’s Shadow Leather Armor, Crocodile’s Shadow Leather Long Boots, Deer’s Mithril Staff, Monkey’s Spell Breaker, Monster of Interger – Lv 80

Bog Mandrake; Health: 1847 - Lv 62
Enchant Scroll Weapon 40-70, Moonstone, Silk Piece, Moonlight Crystal, Fairy’s Shining Dew, Magical Flame, Bear’s the Berserker, Crocodile’s Damascus, Lion’s Sword Breaker, Monster of Interger – Lv 80

Skeleton Guard; Health: 2339 - Lv 62
Enchant Scroll: Armor 40-79, Durelin, Mithril Ore, Dragon Bone Piece, Patron Saint's Shield, Royal Guard Boots, Kadesh Armor, Combat Gauntlet, Crocodile's Sword Of The East Bali, Crocodile's Mithril Sword, Lion's Blood Breeze, Monster Of The Integers - Lv 80

Despaired Ghoul; Health: 2239 - Lv 62
Aquamarine, Odd Powder, Copper Ingot, Coyote's Strengthend Mithril Leather Boots, Shadow Leather Glove, Rabbit's Cross Belt Leather Glove, Fox's Mithril Bow, Crocodile's Elemental Bow, Lion's Steel Bow, Whale's Giant Hammer

Skeleton Sorcerer; Health: 2405 - Lv 63
High HP pot, Moonstone, Silk Peice, Monkey's Cursed Wand, Noble's Robe, Pure Robe, Flamelist's Robe, Flamelist's boots, Coyote's Spell Breaker, Monkey's Chaos Staff, Crow's Chaos Staff, Glory of the Knight

Skeleton King; Health: 28047 - Lv 64
Enchant Scroll Weapon 40-79, Orichalcum, Wiesel, High Elf's Crystal Staff, Crocodile's Combat Armor, Whale's Royal Gaurd Plate, Whale's Soul Guard Plate, Lion's Royal Gaurd Gauntlet, Harpy Sword Breaker, Crocodile's Sword of the East Balhae, Lion's Bloody Breeze, Whale's Warrior Soul

Tarantula; Health: 4559 - Lv 65
Emerald, Strengthened Thread, Fairy’s Five Colored Skein Thread, Pure Boots, Flamelist Glove, Noble Robe, Lion’s Jupiter Hammer, Monster of Interger Lv 80

Darksteed; Health: 13000 - Lv 91
Monkey’s Full Helm, Bloody Crystal Ring, Orichalcum, HQ Orichalcum, Manastone, Fairy’s Abrasive, Fairy’s Five Colored Skein Thread, Wiesel, Rough Diamonds, Monster Interger Lv 100

Evil Servant; Health: 13126 - Lv 92
Fox’s Full Helm, Bloody Crystal Ring, Moonstone, HQ Litheon, Mind Stone, Fairy’s Abrasive, Fairy’s Five Colored Skein Thread, Harmel, Rough Diamond, Seed [lv 3]: Fierce Flower of Beast

Tortured Ghoul; Health: 8097 - Lv 93
Crow’s Full Helm, Bloody Crystal Ring, Litheon, HQ Moonstone, Heartstone, Fairy’s Abrasive,Fairy’s Shining Dew, Harmel, Rough Diamond, Seed [lv 3]: Luminous Flower of Crystal

Abyss Knight; Health: 13377 - Lv 94
Crocodile’s Great Helm, Elephant’s Mask of Evil, Tear of Spirit, Fairy Dust, Stone of Life, Fairy’s Abrasive, Wiesel, Rough Diamonds, Seed [lv 3]: Shining Magical Power Flower

BOSSES! - Luna Online

Bone Cavalier; Health: ~50,000 - Lvl 95
HQ Gems, Blood Stark, Whale's Sword of the East Balhae, Lion's Giant Axe, Whale's Hammer of Judgment, Tiger's Mithril Dagger, Tiger's Elemental Bow, Lion's Wind Screamer, Lion's Mithril Sword, Lion's Long Sword of the Gladiator, Monkey's Spellbreaker, Tiger's Mithril Battle Axe

Rusty Treent; Health: 34,703 - Lvl 62
HQ Gems, Embued Forest Remedy, Location Hat, Ancient Orb

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